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Sustainability and caring for the environment is at the heart of everything we do

  • Our policy is to take all reasonable measures to protect the environment from any adverse effects that its activities might have
  • We have made improvements to site preparation efficiencies, measurement, design, installation use of equipment to prevent unnecessary pollution in supply chain and distribution of goods and materials
  • Provisions are made to ensure the necessary equipment and training to enable employees to carry out their duties in an environmentally safe manner
  • Our focus is to remain aware of new industry developments and technologies to improve environmental efficiencies

The manufacture of our KarEbinR PVC sheet material is done using a 'closed loop' manufacturing process.

  • In brief terms our manufacturer utilises all their production waste into new product development or other existing products
  • This means that our manufacturer only produces a new 'virgin' PVC product. Our PVC boards are traceably high-quality PVC
  • 0% waste to landfill
  • Reduced carbon footprint

We offer a recycling scheme for our KarEbinR PVC sheet material called ReWand. This is a collection scheme for 'clean' post installation PVC waste material

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